Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Parts are On the Way... and Rethinking is What's Happening

Another Wheel Dock Chock is ordered and on the way to hold the Raider on the truck bed, along with a weld in turnover ball setup to modify the gooseneck hitch location to allow sufficient turning space with the bike loaded.

If you hadn't already known, I use a gooseneck style hitch rather than a fifth wheel hitch. Every mile our 30' Jayco has moved, it was pulled with a gooseneck. Far superior in my opinion... especially when you pull off the pavement in an RV Boondocking situation. I've pulled this trailer 50,000+ miles with the gooseneck... and 10,000 of those with the 525+lb. V Star sitting in it's carrier on the tail.

Well, I've scrapped the idea of building the ramp I need. Once you calculate out the steel cost... opposed to factory built price... all the work involved... and the final weight of a long, steel ramp... I've decided to just suck it up and find a way to squeeze a 10' factory aluminum ramp into our shrinking budget...

I decided that my ambition just didn't fit the requirements of the job... I want to Ride my Raider... not burn steel! :o) same reason my chrome don't shine as bright as that on some other bikes... I'd rather be riding than polishing!

So... we're finishing up the rest of what few preps we need to make while I wait on the arrival of the ordered parts. As soon as those get here, we'll get 'em bolted on... get loaded... and get gone! RV Boondocking and Motorcycle Touring! HooYa!

and, while we wait, I'm working up several pages about different parts of my 25 day Alaskan Highway ride... Just so much to talk 'bout, they keep rambling... hard to get 'em cut down to something readable! :o)

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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