Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's New... and what's happening...

Just got a call from the Boss lady in town... UPS just delivered the hitch parts, so we can start makin' that change in the next day or so... still waiting on the Wheel dock that I need to complete the work on the truck itself...

... and of course, now that I've come 'round to thinkin' it makes more sense to just go with a high dollar factory ramp... rather than struggling with building it myself... deciding which ramp to spend so much coin on, is a chore that has to get done, and quick!. :o)

Got a lot put together 'round here on the website, yesterday... got the main Alaska intro page built along with a supporting page talking about Motorcycle Touring Solo in general...

I was a lil' surprised on the trip, by the number of people, Bikers and Not, that seemed kind of startled that I was riding alone... I never gave riding solo a whole lot of thought before... rode alone too long I guess.

Then, today, I spent way too long, trying to figure out how to do YouTube videos... and built my first slide show / Video! HooYa! you'll find it in the new section where I re-organized the Nav Bar, adding a Video / Photo Gallery section.

The first gallery on the page is from my recent Alaska Trip... hell, it's the only gallery on the page! :o) Hopefully, as soon as I get this welding work done and we get gone, I'll be adding galleries real often.

Gotta get back at it... keep it between the ditches people!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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