Monday, November 8, 2010

The Best Motorcycle Roads...

Have you ever heard guys talkin' about where the "Best Motorcycle Road" is? ... yeah... I've done it too... and to tell you the truth... The whole idea of that is wrong.

That's right... There are no "Best" Motorcycle Roads! Because... they're ALL the Best.

Listen... here's my thinkin' on this... and other guys have said this to me... They kind of got me thinkin' this way, so it's not something I came up with all by my Lonesome...

The absolute BEST Motorcycle Road... is the one you put your bike on... TODAY. The whole thing, for me... is the Bike, the wind in my face... or, uh... OK... On my Faceshield :o) ... but my Knees are In The Wind! :o) and the inexplicable feeling I get... from the Freedom of the Open Road..

I think, if you just relax, and let that percolate into that thing between your ears... let the smile grow on your face... and let the miles melt away under your wheels... you might get to agreeing with me...

Now... that's not to say that there aren't a few roads that make that smile a lil' wider... the Freedom a lil' sweeter... and the joy you get from the Open Road settin' you to gigglin' 'bout how lucky your Old bones are... to be straddling that machine... on this Glorious Day!

The travels of the last few months have shown me that I don't need to go too far to find good rides... 'cause every bit of this trip... there's been one good road after another...

Up over Cumbres Pass in Colorado... The San Juan Skyway past Silverton and Ouray... Arches National Park in Utah... Oregon 244 from La Grande over to Ukia is Beeeee-U-tiful country...

 Roll down the North Side of the Columbia River, and of Course... Hwy 101. The Grand Pacific Coast Highway... 'course, for me this year... the rain has talked me out of ridin' that just now! :o) but down at the south end, in Oregon... turn east at Reedsport and run on over to I-5... you can't complain! If you do... you're not gettin' the message!

South of there, rolling into California, are the Redwoods parks... catch California 299 and run clean to Redding... now there, is a road, with some tight twisties that'll make you giggle, and test your abilities, if you want to test 'em! Ha ha ha... you'll be a gigglin' happy biker!

The thing is... I've been on the road... except for a few weeks when I got back from Alaska (Great roads all the way there and back!) since the last of July... and in all that time, in all those miles... I can't say that I've found a handful of Bad roads to put a bike over...

If you've got the time, the money for gas... and the Motorcycle, whatever your style of bike is... to split the wind, for a mile or a thousand... the Road You Are ON... is the absolute Best Motorcycle Road... for That day!

Just My Maybe not so humble Opinion!

So Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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