Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've Been a Bad Cowboy Biker...

... and neglected this blog! :o) ... Time to get back to work!

Well, we've been on the road now, since the 24th of September... starting to fall into some sort of a comfortable routine.

Seen some gorgeous country as we've been working our way south and west.

*Bicycle racing the Silverton Train... both getting passed by a Yamaha Raider!*
Driving through La Manga and Cumbres passes in Southern Colorado, in September... you couldn't find more beautiful country to ride a bike in the Fall!

*Near Cumbres Pass*

*The Motorcycle Road to Heaven?*
The only dark spot in all that is that the National Forest has all the campgrounds closed already... which makes it tough to find a place to stop for a while... when you're a lil' unfamiliar with the area... and hauling a good sized fifth wheel... 'cause that's where you Live now! :o)

We rolled on to Williams reservoir north of Pagosa Springs and stayed for a few days...

*Williams Reservoir North of Pagosa Springs*
But... that's 20 miles up a dirt road... and I wanted to put the Raider on the Ground... so we moved on over to the Durango area... and I got the Yamaha off the truck and made a long day trip up around the San Juan Skyway by way of Hwy 550 through Silverton and Ouray...

*San Juan Skyway - Hwy 550 to Silverton*

This is just a tease... you need to ride that road yourself! Get a motel in Durango for the night... get a good nights rest... Leave Her Alone! :o) 'cause you're gonna need all your energy to soak up that glorious ride Up through Coal Bank, Red Mountain, and Molas Passes to Silverton, Durnango, Ridgeway, hookin' around to Telluride... and back down though Dolores and Mancos... 230+ miles landing back in Durango...

A Sweet Ride people...
Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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John said...

I was looking for a motorcycle haulers learning center and came across your site. Looks like you do a lot of travlin' and was wondering if you had suggestions for a hauler?

Brian said...

Best thing I can say is balance and weight. Keep things balanced well, so you don't degrade handling of your Tow Vehicle... and keep the weight within reasonable limits of the capacity of that tow vehicle... and a motorcycle hauler will be fine... but most of all... find a place to PARK the rig... and RIDE! :o)