Saturday, November 20, 2010

OK... So... Maybe There ARE... Great Motorcycle Roads! :o)

We've been rolling south through California for a couple weeks now...

I'll say it right up front, I love that coastal country... and I truly want to run the Raider down Hwy 101 someday... a long way down it... or up for that matter...

How-some-ever... I do not believe, I could ever live there. That weather would beat me down in short order. Guess I just need more sun than we saw over there...

Now... for a Biker... this more "Inland" country is a freaking "Bikers Heaven!" I gotta tell anyone rolling two wheel anywhere else in the country... these fellas in California... are more lucky than any one person should have the right to be!

I've rolled over more awesome freakin' Motorcycle roads in the last couple weeks of bein' in California than I've maybe covered in the last two years!

*In Whiskeytown Recreation area along Hwy 299*
 If it's not Hwy 299 from Arcata to Redding, or Hwy 49 from Auburn to Yosemite, Hwy 120, or 140 or 41 in Yosemite... it'll be the Dry Creek Road from hwy 216, to 180 to the Generals Hwy in Sequoia.

... and those roads are maybe a half of a 1/4% of the likely prospects here in the Great Bear State...

*Sport Bikes - Passing my Ol' Raider on Hwy 49*

I swear... it's like the California Road Engineers, laid out their roads, explicitly for big two wheelers!... To test a rider and his machine... or just let him cruise along with a huge stupid grin on his face...

Is that possible? a whole dang state road system... built for the explicit purpose of maximizing the miles of Great Motorcycle Roads? :o) ... OK... but it is a nice fantasy... ain't it? :o)

If it weren't for the fact that I exist at pretty much the opposite, political, extreme... of what folks out here are known for... and that costs seem to be, whoooooeeee! several notches higher than what I'm used to... California would be Bikers Heaven! :o)

*Leaning the Raider through the California Twisties!*

* It'll lean the other way... too! :o) *
Maybe, like I said before... ANY... road you're riding... is the best one for That day... but... this Sunny (as long as you're inland!) California... seems to have more than its' fair share of especially Sweet Motorcycle roads for a fella needing to roll two wheels.

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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