Monday, December 6, 2010

Freedom... Have You Ever Really Thought About It?

What does "The Freedom of the Open Road" mean to you?

It's more than just rolling two wheels down the asphalt... it's more than just Splitting the wind... but what? Can you really put words to it? Or is that other Old Cliche really the truth?; "If I have to explain it, you won't understand."

What is your idea of pure Freedom... or ... what would be the "environment" in which that Pure Freedom, or as pure as you could get, could exist?

What would you need to eliminate... what would you need to keep? What is necessary for living... what is just excess baggage, weighing you down?

There's a fella, up in British Columbia... that seems to have his soul wrapped around the meaning pretty fine. He's at least one guy... that you've not got to try and explain it to...

I may be taking liberties here... I'm hoping he'll forgive, as I'm sending anyone who reads it here, to his blog, to capture more of his wisdoms...

Back in October he wrote a short piece... that for me... sums it up... You'll either "Get it" or you won't... If you don't... sorry... you're just one of the poor "many"... who won't understand...

I reprint his post here:


Imagine if you will, shedding every item you own, every problem you have, every burden you carry, every issue that haunts you, and becoming a free thinking, free riding, free man.

Imagine if you unpacked the bike you packed and retained only the things you really needed to survive on the bike. All you really need to survive is air to breath, water to drink and something to eat, the rest is just clutter.

Add in some clothes to wear, cooking utensils, camping gear and some cash to buy gas and you will be completely outfitted to take the motorcycle ride of a lifetime.

Riding a motorcycle unencumbered by clutter, devoid of a befuddled mind and a yearning to learn is as close to being free as you can get."
                                                            - Silverwinger
There it is... nothing can be added to that... As clear as it can be said. Makes a man ache to see the road, stretching out in front of him... Don't it?


Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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