Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guardian Bells... Gremlin Bells... and Evil Road Spirits?

Are you a superstitious Biker, or one who adheres to Motorcycle Legends?

Do you ride with a Guardian Bell or Gremlin Bell on your Motorcycle? Most folks know what they're about... do you?

What do you know about the Evil Road Spirits known as Road Gremlins?

If not... the quick story is the superstitious legend of Road Gremlins. There are gremlins out on the road waiting to jump on your bike as you roll by... and cause you all sorts of grief on a Motorcycle journey.

Unless... they jump up and get caught in the Guardian or Gremlin bell that you've got protecting you and your ride.

... Those damned Evil lil' Gremlins can't live in the presence of that Guardian Bell... They get caught in the hollow of the bell... Its steady ringing as you roll down the road drives 'em crazy and they finally fall off... to leave you safely rollin' on down the road... and some say... where the lil' buzzards hit the ground... is what causes potholes! :o)

Sounds kinda goofy... don't it? :o)

Yeah... well... I'm the superstitious sort... and there's been one wired to my Motorcycles for a long time... The bell, hanging as low to the road as I could find a place to hang it... was given to me by a most treasured friend... One of my own personal Guardian Angels...

Now... I ain't sayin' the bell is responsible... but... me and that Big Red Raider... went all the way to Alaska and back... without a burp... and that Bike has stayed upright a couple of times, as well as the V Star before it... before and after Alaska, when I was left scratching my head and wondering how?!

So... was it my riding?... or... was  that Gremlin Bell doin' its job and runnin' off all the Gremlins trying to haunt me? I know one thing... this Ol' Biker ain't gonna take any chances by not having one! :o)

*My Gremlin Bell, hanging Low on my Raider*
 Something to remember is... according to the legend, the power of the Gremlin Bell is supposed to be doubled when the bell is gifted to you by a friend... so if you're also the superstitious sort... and have some good friends you're wantin' to keep safe on their travels... make sure they've got a Gremlin Bell on their scooter!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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