Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guess I'm Getting Spoiled... Easy Living on the Desert Might Not be Good for a Biker!

Been so warm and nice down here on the Desert this winter... I've gotten soft. 

I moved our camp a few days ago to a new BLM region to stay legal with the 14 day camp rule... Back just north of Quartzsite where we'd been parked, the truck hadn't moved for most of two weeks. If we went somewhere... we rolled on my Roadstar Raider.

It sure cuts a frugal Bikers cost of living when I don't do any $80 truck fill ups for a couple weeks at a time... just 7 or 8 bucks to top off the motorcycle for a ride stretches the dollar a long dang ways!  :o)

Kind of planning that here too... if the weather will co-operate... So far... I haven't even felt like gettin' that Big Cruiser off the truck... too dang windy and cool!

*Bikers Camp near Bouse, Arizona...*
You can't see the wind... but it's goin' about thirty miles an' hour... and I'm feelin' puny... so I'll wait another day or so... supposed to be back up near 60 tomorrow... and 75 by Saturday... and the wind is supposed to blow away... Sweet!

I'd say it's cold here ... if folks back home in Colorado weren't runnin' around in 19 below zero weather! Complaining 'cause it's gotten down to 30 here at night sounds purty weak by comparison, don't it? :o)

But... after several weeks of 70's and bumpin' on 80... it feels damn chilly when it's 35 degrees and the wind is honkin' across the Desert... to think... I used to ride, all winter long at 10 degrees on the Colorado Front range... wind just whistlin'... as long as the road wasn't iced up... and now...

... here I am, whinin', and holed up inside... 'cause the wind is blowin' and it's only gettin' to a high of 46! I think Easy living is bad for a Bikers constitution! :o)

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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