Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Found Out... I Got a Custom Motorcycle Painter in the Family

My son-in-law... when he's not running cranes for his day job... works on his dream of a Custom Car and/or Motorcycle Shop...

He texted me a couple of pics the past couple of days of a bike he's working on now.  A guy he knows traded him a Genuine "Basket Case" Sportster... for some restoration work on another bike...

So...he's taken that Sporty, and has been doin' a Bobber Customizing job on it... that and just putting it back together... It was litterally a bare frame and there weren't two other pieces that were bolted together, all in several boxes... Took him a bit, just to figure out what was missing, and find the parts!

*Sportster 'Bobber' in Progress*
*Josh's Work on the Sportster Fuel Tank*
These pics are just little captures by his phone... and I'll get some better pics in a couple days when I get to Denver... but... They've got me to thinking... He's got another project coming up... some custom paint on the Raider! :)

I've got a couple sizeable Hail dings in the tank... and a scrape on the rear fender from where the Backrest came loose last summer... So... in doing those cosmetic repairs... I might as well go ahead and get something fine and Custom done!

... and since it looks like I've got a Custom Paint/Custom Fabrication Artist in the Family... might as well point my work his way, don't you think?

He's also got me to cogitating about another "project" I've wanted to do for a while... Different then a Custom Paint and Chrome Bike... Something more along the lines of a "Rat Bike"... but more of the "Survival Bike" variety... I've seen some Suzuki's, Yamaha's... and Kawi's blacked out... knobbies... stripped down and looking kind of sinister... I've wanted to do something like that for myself, for a while... just never pushed it into reality... maybe, it's time!

I've got a few "twists" of my own I think would be cool... Sort of a Survival Touring Bike! :) ... so much to do... so little time!

I know, I know... "So Quit Talkin' and start doin!" :) ... well, tell you what... I hawk a few more books... and I'll do just that! :)

If you're in the Denver area (or Colorado for that matter)... and thinkin' of looking around for a guy to do some nice work for you... at a less than the national debt price, drop me a line...  I'll put you in touch with this guy... maybe we can poke him into doin' more Motorcycle art for us!

I think we'll all be hearing more out of him, along the lines of Custom Motorcycle Painting in the future...

You could get some really fine quality work done... for a working mans price... Josh could get a couple more good pieces of work under his belt... and I can claim some responsibility for poking and prodding to "make it happen!" (which will win me some points with my Daughter!) a win-win-win situtation! :)

Now... I need to go scrape together some more of that folding green paper... so I can get my fiberglass saddlebags... If he's going to be repainting my bike... might as well do the whole deal! Right? :) ... and he might be my son-in-law... but... there ain't no free rides! :)

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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