Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I've Seen Blog Posts Asking Before... Can You Live on Just a Motorcycle?

They always wonder... how would you haul groceries... What about "Big" things... how would you haul this and that?

Have you ever wondered; "What would it be like... if ALL I had was my Motorcycle... and Only the things I needed to live. Clothing, Shelter, Cooking gear..."

It's an idea that's always appealed to me. Last year, riding the Alcan... with the limited gear I carried... I've never been more content...

Don't mistake me now... I may have cowboyed for a goodly while... lived rough and such... but that don't mean, in any sort of a way, that I LIKE being uncomfortable... A masochist I ain't! Truth is... the only thing that keeps a cowboys bedroll from being 6' in diameter... is the ability of a mule to carry it! :)

... Same thing on a motorcycle...

Bottom line is.. could you live and be, Comfortable, on Just a Motorcycle? ... and ... the answer is... a tee total, double chromed, unhesitating... YES! :)

You'd have to make sacrifices... Getting ready to go somewhere, when the weather is bad, takes more time then just sprinting out to your "Cage" through the rain... to safety inside it... You have to get geared up.

... and you have to think about some things a bit. How are you going to haul some needful things?... Like yesterday... in our fifth wheel camp in Southern Utah.

The truck is broke... been hauled a hundred miles away... for what is very likely gonna be a repair that will cost what I could buy a solid, clean V  Star for!!!!!!

... and ... I needed propane for the "House"... whud-a-ya gonna Do?

Why... strap that 40# Propane Bottle on... and Make a Raider Ride for fuel to Escalante... Riding a Yamaha Raider Propane Hauler!

*Raider Loaded and Ready*
... and you know what? Not one, single, issue... other than the looks I got from a few folks... wonderin' about the guy hauling his BBQ around on a Cruiser V Twin! :)

Truth be known... the bike didn't know it was there... More stable then a "rider" back there. :)

*Riding to town for Propane*
So... One more time... my Bike... came through... and put a smile on my face... and said... "What the hell you need that 4 doored cage for?"

Which leaves me wonderin'... will JB weld hold the fifth wheel hitch on my helmet? :)

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos. I've been known to strap my truck battery on the back of my bike (more than once) when I needed a new one.

Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

I haven't owned a 4 wheeled vehicle in about years. I've hauled a queen sized blow up mattress on my bike...and a whole lot more. But I haven't hauled my propane with it! (I don't have a backseat to cushion it).

My motto for the last 25 years: If ya can't haul it on a motorcycle...ya don't need it.

Oz said...

Great post. I live/ride my bike a lot more than my truck. I haul all sorts of stuff with the bike. Let me know how the JB Weld holds up with that helmet hitch.