Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Helmet Cameras and Good Roads...

Lot's goin' on... and nothing... all at the same time.

My HD 170 Stealth action camera, from Drift Innovation arrived the day before we left Fort Collins. A couple days of travel, and then several days of rain since we arrived at Flaming Gorge kept me from doing anything much with it.

Then... just to add another couple layers of confusion and fun, the Wife picked up some sort of a nasty bug, and my main laptop got its own Virus, all at the same time. So between dealing with the weather, ER visits and trying to clean out electronic viruses, my videography education is advancing realllll slow...

I played around with it yesterday when the weather finally broke for a while. It's going to take a bit to work out mounting points on the Raider. The handlebar mount clamps up OK... the problem is, on the Raider, there isn't enough room between the riser and the first bend of the bars, for the camera to sit pointing directly forward.

*Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Action Camera*

It kicks off a couple of degrees to the right, or left, depending on which side you've mounted on. With 170 degree field of view, I think that might not even be an issue. It'll have to wait for a test ride/filming to know for sure.

An option is mounting one of the misc/helmet bases on the headlight can using supplied velcro... another option requiring a test ride. As solid as that point seems, there might be too much vibration there... we shall see.

A third option I've found is a mount system from a third party company that would allow mounting to the forks, just below the triple tree... That could be an interesting angle... I'll have to order that mount in and give it a try as my video blogging education moves along.

So... though the first Video hasn't come along yet... there has been progress toward actually producing some Riding/Touring Videos! I just have to do some more studying. :)

I played with it some, learning the buttons and working out a way to mount the external microphone I got with it... inside my helmet... but still more to learn! :)

In the mean time... I have found another road for Bikers traveling through the NE Utah area... Highway 44 running from Manila across the southern end of Flaming Gorge National Recreation area and connecting with US 191, 28 miles east.

The country is beautiful, with great views around many if not most of the twists in the asphalt...

*View along Utah 44 east of Manila*
You can just see the grey flash of a bit of the highway as it twists through the hills... in the left center of the photo... and for those wanting twists and turns... on their Ribbon of Highway... this road won't disappoint...

*A sample of the Twisties along Utah 44
From gentle sweepers to tight peg scrapers, you'll get your fix... one word of caution... especially in the early season, stay aware and keep it a lil' easy... We had plenty of rock fall pop up sudden like as we rolled around a few of the blind corners. Rock big enough to bust a Freightliners axle... let alone a Roadliner! :) So... watch yourself.

You'll be rewarded though... it's a gorgeous country...

I'd recommend you turn in and take in a bit more of Flaming Gorge itself, not just the road running past. You might even want to set your camp in one of the good campgrounds available; Red Canyon, Canyon Rim, Greens Lake, or Skull Creek, good Forest Service campgrounds all.

*Flaming Gorge Nat. Rec. Area*
Just watch out for one of the Utah traffic jams that are getting kinda common in the area :)

So... it's back to school for me...

I gotta punch the buttons enough, to get comfortable with that new Helmet Camera!:)

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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Erik R said...

I've been thinking of adding a video camera to my motorcycle. I have seen the Gopro, but your Stealth system looks interesting too. I'll keep checking back to see if you post up any videos.

Brian said...

The nice thing about the HD170 that made the choice for me is the external microphone so you can add monologuem as you ride... and it should be a lil sleeker when actually helmet mounted... Hopefully I'll get things rolling pretty soon :)

Anonymous said...

Are you still happy with your HD170? I want to make MC vids this year, so I've been looking at different cameras including Contour and GoPro. The product reviews on Amazon are all over the place. I want something I can clamp on to the handlebars or a crash bar, point it in the direction of travel, and go.