Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Motorcycle Video Making is a Tough Nut to Crack for Slow Witted Fellers!

 ... and this slow witted biker cowboy is still slippin' and slidin' up that steep learnin' curve!

I've worked out, or at least understand most of the hardware issues... the camera takes nice crisp pictures... and the only issue with sound is my leaky helmet... which should be relatively easy to fix when I replace it with a fresh one.

If you're not interested in talkin' while you film... the mic on the camera itself will work just fine... unless of course you intended to just overlay some tunes on the video... and then for you the microphone would be a total non issue...

So... hardware squared away... get out and play... and ran smack into the evil relatives of road gremlins... the nasty... psychotic... software goblins.

Now... I'm certain sure my gremlin bell kept 'em from climbing from the road up into the camera... but... I've been struggling just the same, trying to get the software in my laptop to recognize the .mov file format that comes from the camera.

The issue is strictly a thing twixt Microsoft XP and my stingy self, Not anything to do with the camera. If you've got the later windows 7... you're likely golden! I just don't want to spend any more dinero just now... and since I'm a little familiar with the windows movie maker program that's been on both my laptops, I just couldn't see a need...

The version in my lil' 10" acer can read it... but that lil' 'puter is so slow, trying to work video, that it's nigh on to useless... so... I'm trying to get my older Dell, with windows XP to do the job... and as is my habit... that damned Murphy is kickin' me in the slats!

Good thing I ain't got any hair... 'cause I woulda pulled it out!

Luckily, Andy at SportHiTech, where I bought my camera keeps sending me in the right directions to overcome my personal  "issues"... pretty good service after the sale... They've got my money already... but they still keep on kickin' out the service... didn't leave me twisting, and that's what counts... when it comes to choosing people to deal with ain't it? If you're looking for something give them a try. They've sure been goin' the extra mile for me.

anyhoo... he put me on to a video conversion Freeware program at that converts the format into one that my older version of movie maker should recognize... and since the price is FREE... it fits my budget! :) ... so far so good... a short test proved out... so... now I'm waiting on the conversion of a longer clip to try to start editing...

I'm not there yet... but I'm gaining!. I swear!

Keep watchin'... once I get all this shovelin' and tinkerin' out of the way... I should be able to actually start kickin' out some wind splittin' talkies! :)

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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