Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Riding toward the Black Hills through Montana and Wyoming...

... and it turned out a lot like that... a ride, to, the Black Hills. :) We took a 600 plus mile ride... and made it more like 900 :)

By the time we got done winding through Southern Montana and Northern Wyoming... we didn't leave much time to actually ride the Black Hills. :) bummer... now we'll have to go back... :)

We rolled through Helena and across Hwy 12 to drop down for a night in Big Timber.

*A hard night in Big Timber Montana*

When we got up the next morning we rolled the three bikes, a Goldwing, A Silverado and a Raider, east to Columbus where we turned south to Red Lodge and the Northern  approach to Bear Tooth pass.

*Approaching Bear Tooth Pass from Red Lodge*

If you ride anywhere near the NW corner of Wyoming or the SW part of Montana... You've got to ride the  Bear Tooth... it's a mountain you want to remember...

... and after the heat of the plains to the North and East... the top of the Mountain will reward you...

*The Montana side of the Bear Tooth Mountains*

*Top of the Bear Tooth*

*You've got to stop at the "Top of the World" ... don't you?"

We came down off the South side, heading for Cody... the road doesn't wind as tight on the Wyoming side...  but... it's still not lacking for views to remember...

*Coming down off Bear Tooth Pass into Wyoming*

We spent so much time riding this mountain... we chose to bunk in Cody that night, and head for the Bighorns, the next day...

... and so... I'll continue that... the next day :)

Grab Your Handles and Ride

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Heather said...

The bad thing about driving the Bear Tooth is that you are driving and there is no auto pilot so that you can take in the scenery that I call "eye candy for the soul". Have a good ride.

Erik R said...

"eye candy for the soul" I like it.

There sure is a lot of snow on Bear Tooth this year. They must of had snow of biblical proportions last winter.

Brian said...

:)... Yeah... if you go to gawking too much, at the "eye candy" scenery on a motorcycle... you quickly learn an old truth... where your eyes look... your bike goes!

Kind of risky, at 10,000 feet or so on a narrow two lane :)

The snow up there is pretty much all over the Montana high country... lot's of snow last winter... but rather then starting to melt this spring... it just kept snowing, adding to, rather then reducing as the spring melt began... I'd guess the resulting high rivers will continue for another month... at least...

Anonymous said...

Great pics- looks like you guys had a heckuva ride