Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Update on the Avon Tires on My Raider

I've got a couple hundred miles on my Avon Cobra tires now... and have to say I'm still happy with 'em.

We did a hundred and fifty miles or so, two up today, winding through the Arizona hills in the Tonto Basin, under the Mogollon Rim of Arizona.

I'm the first to admit that when you dump a few hundred bucks on something you tend to try and find a way to describe it in ways that makes your decision sound smart. :) That said, I'm as sure as ever that changing from Metzler tires and the stock 210 on the Back to Avon Cobra's and a 240 on the back was the right thing to do.

The first thing I noticed was a change in handling. Now... there wasn't a band playing and fireworks and such... but there was still this certain sure feeling that... something ... was different.

I remember running through fast sweeper corners on the Metzlers and thinking; "I must be getting old". It seemed like I was multiple "apexing" way too much.

The difference with these Avon's that I'm still seeing is that the bike rolls from one side to the other smoother and more fluidly... there doesn't seem to be anywhere near the volume of small "inputs" required to hold the line I want that was required with the Metzler tires.

Thinking about that I remember how the Metzler was crowned in the center. That and the radius of the tread seems to vary across the profile of the tire. Then, when you've put a few miles on it that crown wears into a flat spot around the center of the tire...

I wonder if, as you leaned into a corner, the bike goes through those varying tread radius and then on top of that hits that "Edge" of the worn flat crown area and kind of "pops" over into the area with a new "radius"?

Not sure I've described the sensation clearly... but... it always seemed like the "input" was changing... constantly having to adjust... I thought it was me. Thought I must be getting old (which I am!) but, it's turning out to have been, at least to a great degree, the tires...

The Avon Motorcycle Tires on the Raider now are feeling smoother, more fluid in their handling and though it never felt insecure with the Metzler tires on it... I'm noticing a more solid, confident feeling with the handling of the bike.

It's going to take time to see how the mileage wears... but if the rubber compound is anything close to that of the Metzler, with the tremendous increase in tread depth, I should come back with a shiny report on that!

The only other thing I can't report about is their handling in the rain... I ain't got rained on... and pardon me if I don't care if that review don't happen real soon either! :)

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