Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Getting the Rust Knocked off by a Ural Hack

A bit over a week ago we were camped in the Utah, Goosenecks State Park...

*RV's Top Right... Boats on the San Juan River... Bottom left*

It was hot, pushing 90 and we were getting ready to move to higher ground.

A couple rolled in riding a Ural Hack. The he side of the pair has kept a pretty detailed Ride report of their comings and goings on the ADV ride forum... that lil' link above...

They'd flown out of Upstate New York to land in Seattle to pick up their new Ride. They already had 3,000 miles on the odometer of their new sidecar rig on the ride home.

They rode out the next morning bound for new roads and the sweet wind of Freedom on a Ribbon of Asphalt.

Made me stop and look at what I've been doing for two years now... and I came to the conclusion that I've been slipping. I got careful... and I got lazy.

You know what careful breeds? ... Complacency... and a whole hell of a lot fewer stories to tell when old age conquers your kiester and you're relegated to sitting on the porch zingin' the neighborhood kids with your wrist rocket as they ride their damned bicycles across your front grass!

So... the upstart is...that though I've ridden my Raider all over the west in the past two years... I've been doing that riding too... careful... too... comfortable... and too... Little.

Watching those folks ride off... with nothing but their bike, their camp gear and the Open Road in front of them made me stop and think... 

It's time to shake things up a lil' bit... this summer... though I might get a slow start at it... I'm working to do just that... Get back to pushing the envelope a bit.. and splitting the wind a lot!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

P.S. I checked last night and the mileage he's wracked up since I saw him ten days or so ago in Utah had climbed up well over 6,000... and included trips over the Moki Dugway... and down The Tail of the Dragon a couple of thousand miles east! just stirs something in a Biker... Don't it?

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