Friday, May 4, 2012

Hard Lessons Relearned

Have you ever let life get in the way of Living?

It's an insidious thing. One day, long after you thought you were free, as you talk about how much you struggled to cut the rusting chains of a wage slave... so that you could split the wind in Freedom on the Open Road...

... You realize that the son of a buck has snuck in on you and, once again, the Bike has been parked too much... so you could work... That though the view might be changing, you've slipped back into old ways and old habits... chasing the living that NEVER gave you any compensation the FIRST too many years you chased that phony BS.

I've been so busy it seems trumpeting the lifestyle of LIVE today 'cause tomorrow may never come... that I missed the beast sneakin' up and herding me back onto the self inflicted treadmill of watching the dollars and living for makin' a living!


How-some-ever... Luckily for me... For US! There's enough other folks chasin' the same sort of a dream that you can't help but run across a few of 'em now and again. That is a good thing.

Their Freedom on the road is In Your Face. Without saying a word they give you a smack as they roll past that asks; "What the Hell are you doin'?!!" Their disappearing tail lights and the receding rumble of their motors... calls to you.

They rattle your cage and reinvigorate your ambitions. They serve to refocus your attention on what's truly important... and they refocused mine.

Crossing trails with the Ural Riders a few days back... Stumbling across the websites of Redlegs and the Rounders ( I rode all winter in Colorado, down to 10 degrees!) and others... was a wake up call. Life is to be LIVED today! Who knows what tomorrow will be.

The Open Road calls; "I'm here... I'm waiting on you..." The Horizon beckons.

Don't get me wrong... The past two years, living on the road have been Fine... But... There's ALWAYS a but! ;) It's come to me the past few months that too much of my life has slipped back to worryin'.

... the cost of fuel... the cost of this... the cost of that... what will I do if this or that happens...

Worryin' 'bout the same damn things I tell ever'body else to push away!

I let myself, as I was concentratin' on spreading the word... to be manuevered back into sweating about things that don't matter. In the grand scheme of things... they are simply the tasks that must be dealt with to LIVE! Not something to be allowed to gain power over your LIVING.

So... Today I get to step off once again with a clear eye and a fine Motorcycle and hack away at the regrown tentacles of a bunch of grasping "cagers"... and restore my soul once again... on a Ribbon of Highway.

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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