Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Gypsy Biker finds the Occassional Not-So-Good-Camp for a Road BIke ;)

I live on the road... whoever has read this blog or the site itself for any time pretty much knows that. Most of our camps have been pretty good compromises.

Far enough back for the solitude and privacy I admire... yet close enough to let the Raider roll with ease.

Parked up in Montana it was a short run from our boondock camp to the asphalt to make a few runs over Lost Trail pass...I rode the pass to go get a cup of coffee! ;)

In Utah we enjoyed Zion and were parked close to highway twelve up on the Escalante... and farther north I was close to the asphalt when we rode Arches National Park. Up in Wyoming we were parked smack in the middle of Yellowstone...

I rode Goin' to the Sun road when we stayed up in Glacier...

Perfect camps to day trip from

This summer has seen more times like now. Back in the early summer we found ourselves near ten miles of backroad from the nearest asphalt. The camp we found here near Steamboat is also nearly ten miles of rough road from the asphalt. I stick the truck in 4by just to handle the washboarded grades better, and it's still 2nd gear in a lot of places.

If I rode a dual sport it wouldn't be much of an issue. These guys rolling past below my camp this afternoon didn't appear to be having any issue with the dirt and the rocks. I suspect they came here Looking for bad roads to challenge their skills.

The Raider on the other hand is not a machine known for its abilities in the rough and rugged backwoods. :) Put her on a ribbon of asphalt and she gets with the program... out here... she's a mite out of her element... and I got a guy that wants me to ride with him clear to Prudhoe next summer.

Ah... I hate wussin' on a deal like that...but three hundred miles or so of rocky, tire slashin', butt thumpin' mud and potholes?... ooofffff... Not sure my Ol' butt has the ambition for that. The Yukon and Alaska again? You bet! but... fightin' mud on a ROAD burner? Even a rider with all the loose screws I enjoy is havin' some trouble seein' the fun in that! :)

*Watchin' the Dual Sports Roll by*

I don't mind the weather mind you... I actually smile when it's raining. On a road where I can figure on a bit of traction, I actually enjoy bad weather rides.

But... a road that throws up a challenge to even the dirt bikes with their skinny, knobby, rubber ( that would climb a tree if you twisted the throttle hard enough ) and has 'em wallowin' around in the gooey clay... is pure agony on the wide floatin' ski on the back of my Raider!

*Raider watchin' another storm rolling in*
I picked this camp 'cause I needed a good Free Boondock camp to setup for a while and work. To support my gypsy biker lifestyle I was needful of completing the work on my third western novel. That's done now; it's been published and In a few more days we'll pack up and be moving on.

I believe I'll see if I can't find something a mite closer to the pavement for my next camp so the Raider can show those Dual Sports what a road bike can do. ;)

Though this camp isn't the best for a Road Bike... it has been good for hiking and one unexpected thing...

I discovered something after this afternoons storm passed... it ain't gold at the end of a Rainbow...

*The Treasure at the end of the Rainbow ain't gold!*
It's a Yamaha Raider! :)

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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