Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's a Mixed Bag...

First thing yesyerday morning I stopped at the border to capture a pic of crossing into Wyoming... And had a bit of a "Then Came Bronson" sort of conversation.
Wes Parker and his wife pulled up as I was taking pictures... From Atlanta I think he said, but I remember poorly.
"Looks like you're taking a trip"
"Where you headed?"
"Don't really know... Wherever I end up I guess." :)
I had to laugh. I considered it a good omen... A lil 'too quickly.
Turned into the wind shortly after and fought it all day... Burning fuel a lil' quicker than I preferred!
I rolled up thru Laramie and chose to cut up through Shirley basin toward Casper and then turn west to Shoshone. Spotted smoke then... And rode under that smoke all day.
Figured to camp near Meteetse ... But ... The smoke there was heavy so I just kept rollin'... 443 miles... And landed in Cody...
I've got a few pics... But blogger won't let me in! They're on the lil' camera I borrowed... And I can't get 'em uploaded. :(
Emailing this update is my only way unless I can get blogger to quit bein' so cranky... So I guess I'll start takin' more pics with my phone... :)
This morning when I got up my 20 year old whisperlite stove refused to make my coffee... So I've gotta find a new stove...
I believe I'll just turn west and see if I can slip away from Ol' Murph!
Grabbin' My Handles and Riding


Cindy K. said...

20 years old AND Gremlins...hmmmm, NO COFFEE?!! That there is a need a hug....there... now watch out for fires and hope the batteries don't go you said...SHEESH!!

Sharlotte said...

Well that dang Murphy done followed you. Hope you outride him soon. Leave him in your dust, but slow down enough to pick up a stove to make your coffee. Looking forward to your pics. Be careful and stay away from fires.