Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Utah in The Fall... Sweet Riding for a Cruisier!

Sonja hasn't gotten her exercise yet. Hopin' to get her down today. I've been struggling with uncooperative leaks the past few days... and took yesterday off in frustration to take a good hike. (That's over on the RV site).

But I still need to tell you... This Zion, and a hell of a lot of Utah is sweet country to do some serious cruising.

*Harleys below the Mt. Carmel tunnel into Zion*
This isn't an aberration. You'll get views like this over your handle bars all over Utah. Here in Zion, Over near Mexican Hat and the Goosenecks park... wandering up Hwy 12... Capital Reef, Arches, and up in the High Uintahs...

Utah is actually a pretty good place to make your fall cruises. Too dang hot in the middle summer... to cold maybe later in the winter when you want to be south! but it's the perfect place for that shoulder season... between the heat of summer and the bitter winds of winter.

If you like gettin' off the bike once in a while and doin' some hiking...there's plenty of trails around zion... like this lil' canyon... ;)

Over by Escalante, just below Hwy 12 a few miles, there are some awesome slot canyons (Check with the BLM office in Escalante)... though it might be lil' tough for a road bike to get to the trail head. :) Washboardy dirt most of the way... the last 1/2 mile or so will really test your skills. I suppose you could park there and walk in the rest of the way. LOL ... that's the place for the Dual Sport boys for sure!

... but what's life without some adventure and dirty scooters right? :)


I'm planning on makin' some progress in the battle of the leaks today and puttin' the scooter on the ground so I can get some Knees in the Wind of my own this week!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!


Trobairitz said...

Beautiful pictures.

05450x said...

Brian, You're living a good life. I have check in with you every now and then just to straighten up. I've got eight years till retirement.( I hope! ) Hope I can do what you're doing.

Brian said...

Trobairitz; Many Thanks. I just wish the pics did justice to the country! ;)

05450x; Eight years? hmmm... I'm hoping you really love your job... otherwise I'd ask; Why wait? I'm broke and living a damn fine life. Where there's a will there's a way. I try, best I can to live like this is my last day... one day it will be. ;) don't wait too long buddy.