Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sonja is a lot Farther South... but still...

hasn't gotten down off the truck. :) Kind of embarrassing for a Yamaha Raider... but we've all got our crosses to bear... right?

Sometimes things just don't work out right. We've been pushing a bit 'cause we had to meet a friend in Zion. We'd intended to spend a bit more time on the Grand Canyon's North Rim... and get her down there... but we pulled in with kinda soggy weather...

*Deceptive Photo at the North Rim*
 Looks kinda nice in this pic don't it? Yeah... well a couple miles farther on the windshield wipers were doin' their thing and the rain was comin' down! :) I judged that one right and didn't feel even a lil' bit poorly for wussin' out. :)

Took a tour the afternoon we pulled in, in the truck; and again in the rain and overcast the next day... hopin' for a break. But... when I got up that second morning in camp...

*It may be winter... but this Scooter is Riding herself! in the Snow*

I rode all winter in Colorado, clear down to 10 degrees... But I was younger and prettier there... To tell the truth... Though I might be a 'Rounder' that rides all year, riding in the snow and cold has just lost its romance for me. :-o

So we loaded up and headed for Zion.

I've got another day of working on rig repairs (failed plumbing parts) and then, with great weather threatened by the Weatherman for the next week or more... Sonja will be putting her two wheels back on the Asphalt and she and I will be scootin' around Zion and local environs! HooYa!

We'll be here or round-a-bouts for a week or two... then it's keep on south to get to Avondale in time for our jobs at the NASCAR race.

Livin' Fat

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Trobairitz said...

Brrr. Sure looks cold in that last pic. What a difference from the sunshine in the first one.

Safe journey to you.