Monday, January 14, 2013

Changes to the Site...They are a Coming!

I've just started a complete rebuild of the entire website, though its final completion is gonna take some little while!

My ISP, Sitesell, has imposed on all of us web fellas and fellerettes, that are customers of SBI anyway,  a new and improved blockbuilding program that we build our sites with. The good news is; While the old system was a one of a kind jewel... the NEW AND IMPROVED SBI version is heads and shoulders better! ... and near as I can tell, STILL, one of a kind.

For those of us who are NOT computer geeks and don't have HTML as a second language... The BB2 system that SBI has been rolling out for the past several months is the "simple" way (if that exists) to do something that is for sure and for certain, NOT simple! ;)

The only downside is... for lazy biker cowboys like me... it means a lot more work to keep things improving around here! ;) ahhh... but then, anybody who tells you; It's gonna be a quick and easy job to make a lot of money on the net is NOT bein' truthful. It's a piece of work. Do it right; Work hard with discipline; and you've got a dang fine opportunity to break out into a new sort of life.

It's sure worked for me.

But, go in with the idea of a get rich quick situation where you drop $29 bucks and start makin' money tomorrow afternoon... and you're cookin' a meal of frustration and disappointment. It ain't gonna happen.

Anyhoo... my home page of Motorcycle Touring the Good Life has been the first page on this site to be converted from the old system. I built a couple of new small pages earlier, just to get my feet wet... but converting old pages is a more complicated enterprise. That'll take me a while to complete!

I think the Home page looks a lot cleaner and better than it did... So, the work to upgrade the entire site should end up a fairly decent benefit to anyone who comes here looking for some information. I've got some reorganization ideas to go along with the new software that should clean things up even more.

So stay tuned over the next few months while the remodeling behind the scenes moves along... and hopefully, makes what you see a more valuable place for you to visit!

Grab Your Handles and Ride

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Trobairitz said...

Just when you know exactly how things are working they up and change it.

I can't do HTML, I am defunct in that department so Blogger works to keep it fairly simple for me. Hubby helps too when I'm stuck which is nice.