Friday, March 29, 2013

Much is Made of the Freedom of the Open Road

All try to explain the unexplainable. They try to photograph that which cannot be seen. They try to grasp what cannot be touched. They adorn an ethereal philosophical emotion with names that can in no way stretch to encompass the vastness of what they attempt to label.

Those that don't "get it" never will and ridicule the idea and those who hold it. They regale you with tales of the cost of fuel and tires; the speed limits; The jobs required to finance their travels. Even the weather that pushes them inside. All the things that they claim make Freedom an impossibility... and they MISS the truth...

They don't get it and never will. Their minds have been closed to the possibility of something better, something greater and so they are immune to and devoid of its power.

On the other side of the coin; Those that DO "get it" frequently fall into the trap of flowery, nirvana scented poetry parroting how all becomes sweetness and light, once you straddle a pair of motorized wheels and put your nose in the wind.

They're BOTH wrong.

Freedom is NOT about the absence of trial or responsibility, nor a life of unending sunshine and joy. It is NOT a physical condition of the body or the environment it exists in.

Freedom is an ethereal condition within the spirit and the soul.

The keys to the doorway of Freedom are many. The trails are diverse. The rewards identical.

There are those who find it peering through the lens of a camera...

For some their key is found hanging on a thin strand of rope, clinging to the rocky wall of a mountain, high above the canyon floor.

For others it is soaring the sky on polyester wings.

Some might find theirs along a far country trail...

For most of us here, they are hidden in the wind... the horizon stretching out before...

two wheels chasing the paint stripes...

a ribbon of asphalt trailing behind...

When you find it, you know it. You can't describe it. You've never seen it before but you recognize it. You "Get" it. You have it, it's yours... and No One can ever take it from you.

THAT, indescribable, ethereal, Essence... is Freedom.

Grab Your Handles and Ride

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Trobairitz said...

Very eloquently put.