Thursday, May 2, 2013

How Do You Speak Crushing Sorrow and Uplifting Joy... All in ONE Word?

Some days are a deep and melancholy loneliness.

Everywhere I look it's the same. I seem surrounded by bald faced, arrogant, mindless, hateful, stupidity.

People trying to get over on other people. And for what? A few dollars? Some bits of stuff? Or even to simply impose their pathetic, transient will.

I find only glassy eyed fools not comprehending that when they cheat and steal and lie and abuse... they gain nothing durable while their own souls suffer the greatest loss.

They murder each other for their shoes, their political beliefs, or worse, for some imagined "religious" principal, never realizing that "Religion" is politics under color of faith and politics alone... NOT a spiritual communion with a higher power.

To look out at all man has wrought and realize that just about the only thing I see of value any more, out of all the generations of struggle, are the two lane roads and the two wheeled machines invented to roll along them; is a great sadness ~ and a greater joy... all in the same moment.

I made this comment on another blog; "Is why I like my Yamaha on a ribbon of Highway with nothing and no-one else in sight... except the Horizon." ... which brought me to this post. :)

The darkness lightens. The howling cacophony of soh-sigh-uh-tee subsides... and for a while, all is right with the world.

How do I put all that into one word?

 ~ Motorcycle ~

Grab Your Handles and Ride

*Ed Note* I've had to change commenting to "Registered" users to combat the growing deluge of spam... easier than the 'verification words' that you can't read. ;)


Learning to Golf said...

You already put it into 1 word.......RIDE!

Trobairitz said...

So much spam, so little patience. Spam has been getting more numerous, but luckily most is filtered out.

I never get that feeling of total inner peace that some get while riding, but I do enjoy a lonely empty road devoid of all the issues of every day life.

Brian said...

Trobairitz; Aw I got patience! ;) only, though the spam filter does catch the vast majority it got to where there was a couple of hundred a week caught in the filter that I had to sort through to make sure I wasn't zappin' a legitimate comment...

as for your "inner peace"... I wonder... maybe you don't see so much difference 'cause you're one of the lucky sort that has that goin' on already? ;) ... me on the other hand, not so much. My day to day "inner peace" is a bit more like the sound of a stamp mill ;)

so the lonely two lane can really be a worthwhile counter balance/therapy for such as me :)