Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just a Man, On a Fine Motorcycle, Free on the Earth

From Seeley Lake, for a guy that rides a road bike there are but two directions. You can go Hwy 83 North, or you can go Hwy 83 South.

With fall coming on we're moving up to Glacier for a couple weeks before we roll on over to our month of Labor in North Dakota doing the beet harvest.

Yup... that's me, Gypsy Cowboy Biker Beet Picker. ;)

Before we can head across Montana bound for Sydney though... we've got a meetup with some folks up there by Glacier. With Labor Day coming on Monday we've got an issue though.

The Forest Service in its infinite wisdom, locks the gates on the majority of the campgrounds the day after labor day!

September and October, probably the Two Best months of the year... and they lock up the camps... then in the spring, come May... when it's still raining, and snowing and nasty much of the time... They open 'em up! Typical Federal wisdom...

So... anyhoo... I need to ride on up there and scout for a campsite that's NOT going to be locked up while we need it. Where I cut west at Big Fork the other day bound for Kalispell, this time I'll stay north for a bit and then cut east to Hungry Horse Reservoir...

The Sun is Shining in Montana. Gonna be a warm day... So... I'm putting it in the wind under the Wide Montana Sky... rolling up 83 under the Chinese Wall bound for Hungry Horse.

Just a man, on a fine motorcycle, in Far country, free on the earth.

Grab Your Handles and Ride

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Trobairitz said...

A scouting mission. A great excuse for a ride - like you need an excuse.

Beet picking biker gypsy has a nice ring to it. I like it.