Friday, October 4, 2013

Suspended Animation ~ or ~ Financing My Gypsy Ways

My road wandering ways have gotten arrested for a month or so in Montana.

There's only one real problem with having the gypsy itch deep in your soul. No matter how Free you form up your life... Living ain't free. Simple and true, you have got to have some dollars.

When you pull into the towns for fuel, groceries, fresh jeans, tires and even the occasional wife for a night ;) all those places refuse to engage in charity. They demand dollars for their goods.

Soooo... until I manage to enjoy one of those "Breakouts", with one of my books, that tantalize a writers more mercenary parts... I have to stop and produce some bucks here and there to keep on moving.

This stop is being made in Sydney Montana for the annual beet harvest. A fella has the potential of squeezing out a few thousand in three weeks of work or so... so here I are... until near the end of the month then it's a quick haul to Phoenix for another week of work at the November NASCAR race at PIR (Phoenix International Speedway).

Hopefully, that'll all produce enough dinero to get some maintenance done on the Raider, like new fork seals, a valve adjustment and a new functional part or two for the improvement of long rides...

One thing I can tell you about sugar beets they stink ;) and, take one single walk through a "sugar factory" and you'll never put sugar in your mouth again! A grubbier, uglier place you've never seen than the inside of a sugar factory...

Maybe that'd be a good new diet plan... just take folks on a tour of a sugar plant... and let 'em see where all that gooey goodness that they're stuffing in their faces... came from! ;)

It's back to my skid steer and Piling Beets for me.


Trobairitz said...

Damn work for getting in the way. A necessary evil for those us of that aren't rich though isn't it?

I didn't know that beets stank or that sugar factories were so icky. Thanks for the heads up.

Sash Johnson said...

It isn't the best writers who make money writing. It are the writers with the best marketers. That's the way I see it.

Wishing you the best in the stickiness of work and beets.


Unknown said...


I think we are all slaves to work. Sugar seems so white and pure, hard to believe it is messy and smells, especially when they are packaged in pristine paper portion envelopes

at least you can dream of being back on the open road soon

Riding the Wet Coast

Anonymous said...

If you want to travel, it seems dollars are a necessity. Nothing wrong about picking beets or working a race. You've managed to find a way to make the gypsy life all work out!