Monday, June 23, 2014

Paint Repair For Poorboys

A few years back I had a bit of a didoe. I'd recently installed Yamahas' high dollar, chrome, quick disconnect backrest on the Raider. 

At something like 65 mph it disconnected all on its own and, unseen, left the scooter. I didn't even feel it when it gouged the crap out of the fender in the leaving.

Spent the better part of an hour driving up and down the road I'd rode... in the dark... trying to find that $1000 piece of chromed aluminum. Well, I found it and kept on using it, more carefully, for a couple years. But, that nasty gouge in the paint remained to poke and irritate me. 

I kept thinking the right "applique" would cover that just fine. And it would... but it took me till today to stumble across the right one! 

And I believe, the red is just the right contrast to work well! This one came from an outfit called Lethal Threat... they have some pretty cool decals. It's only been on for like an hour... so I can't review the long term quality, but the weight and feel of the vinyl gives me confidence.

So one more thing clicked off my list... without a $1500 paint job to fix it. :)

Grab Your Handles and Ride


Sash Johnson said...

Love it!

If you can't fix it, hide it. LOL!

Sash - The Rude Biker Chick

Trobairitz said...

Pretty sneaky fix. Looking good.