Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Yosemite and Me Be Saddle Pards

Trobairitz's comment yesterday made me giggle; "For some reason I picture Yosemite Sam stomping around cussing..."

I'm pretty sure neighbors might have been wonderin' 'bout the blue smoke and little symbols floatin' over the trees... %#@%!!!   &$*%@#!!!  &%$@@@!!!

... TARNASHUN! SATAN!  You Gol Durn Red Headed VAR-MINT! 

Show your Gawd Damn Face you pig eyed, spavined, knock kneed, two bit, parsimonious boot lickin' back stabbin tweaker of a yellow hearted DOG!

COME OUT and stand me to my Face!!!! 

You foul Smellin' dry gulchin' Skunk! You an' ME is 'bout to have us a gen-U-wine Western difficulty! I'm a gonna teach you a new dance you ugly, worm riddled son-of-sow-bellied SNAKE!

Yep... kinda lightened up my day considerable... :)

After some study of the sitchy-a-shun... I went on down to Yamaha and got the parts ordered... as well as the seal driving tool... using the dinero that was SUPPOSED to be fueling my run through the wind.

Once again, Sonja sits over in Evin's garage waiting on parts to put her road ready. Be some time next week when she'll go back on the jack and I'll tear the forks apart to put 'em right.

Thanks Trobairitz

Grab Your Handles and Ride


Trobairitz said...

You are very welcome. I just couldn't help it. That is what popped into my head when reading your blog.

And this one made me chuckle too.

Sash Johnson said...

I can see this comparison as completely accurate! Not sure if you and Trobairtz have met in person yet. If not, you've done a reat job of describing yourself through your writings, because she's nailed it!
Smooches My Friend,

Brian said...

Sash; Well, she's not endured that difficulty yet. Considering my very best friend in this world tells me I'm "Billy Bad Ass"... I take the accusation that I invoke the vision of Yosemite Sam as a compliment of the highest Order! Ha Ha... Yosemite being the King of the Billy Bad Asses of course :) So again Tobairitz... Many Thanks! :)

Sash Johnson said...


I would NOT call meeting you a difficulty! What a pleasure it was! We'll have to meet again when we are in Colorado in August. :)

Sash - The Rude Biker Chick
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