Thursday, March 25, 2010

It Ain't over... Till It's Over... Choosing a Motorcycle Seat

Hmmm... I'm still cogitatin' on the Motorcycle Seat change on my Star Raider.

The factory passenger pillion just ain't gonna get it done... Momma ain't comfortable on that sucker... and... if Momma ain't happy... you know the drill!

What I'm wantin' is a quick change... solo/two up seat set up... A solo seat with a classy fender rack for the majority of my riding... and a passenger/back seat for when the Boss Lady rides with me... all made to be "Quick Change" using the ability to do that already built in by Star Motorcycle...

Heidi was talking to a customer of hers that rides a big scooter... a Yamaha... some variety of a Star I believe. The gal had good things to say 'bout Bitchin' Stitchin' down in Lakewood, Colorado.

So... I'm planning on takin' a close look at what kind of a custom Motorcycle seat arrangement they might could build for us... They'd been recommended to me by a dealership in Denver, and that's fine... but... I like to hear the same recommendation made by folks on the Road... who have put their butts on the seat for a few miles!

Maybe they can take my "idea" and create us a one of a kind seat that'll keep the Queen happy... so we can spend a lot more miles... Splittin' the Wind!

... and I'm wafflin' on my Motorcycle Saddlebags as well... I like the Corbin Fleetliner design... but... I like plain, leather covered, hard bags as well. I just haven't found any, yet, to fit the Raider... so I'll keep on scoutin'.

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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