Friday, March 19, 2010

My New Raider is Riding Even Better than I Expected!

I took Heidi for her Virgin ride on the Raider yesterday morning. We rolled up Highway 85 from Nunn to Cheyenne for breakfast/lunch at the Egg & I downtown.

Unlike the day before, it was overcast and cool...

Starting out kinda cool, it got a lil' cooler the more North we got... and goin' into a 20 mph or better headwind helped keep us from gettin' overheated too!

Wind? What wind? That Star Raider didn't notice a thing!. Riding two up @ 70 Mph into a 20mph+- headwind She pumped out 37.15 mpg. So I have no complaints! :o) Last week, rolling solo to the "day job"... averaging 'bout 65 mph on Highway 85... goin' south instead, she pumped out 45+ mpg...

Now... that's also with a couple... triple digit MPH "events" that came out of nowhere! :o) I just couldn't help it! That Yamaha Raider is an AWESOME Motorcycle!

I've read several places where fellas complain about mileage in the low 30's... ??? I don't know what they're doin'... I'm running at 5,000 feet altitude... and higher up to Cheyenne... and with that motor under me I've found it impossible to not twist the throttle a good bit ... every lil' bit! :o) So I've not been making any special effort to ride for 'economy'...  On top of that, it's still winter, so kinda cool... The bike currently has 4600 miles on her... Maybe I've got a good one? ... or maybe they're cipherin' wrong... But I'll not complain about the fuel economy, especially considering the performance she pumps out on request!

Yesterday, riding in the wind, the bike was stable and solid. With the torque available the wind was only something for the riders to deal with... the bike couldn't care less.

I've read where some guys don't believe the Star Raider is a machine fit for Motorcycle Touring... I guess you go with what you need... but... so far, what I need is sittin' right there in that Big Red Yamaha! What Heidi and I did find out for sure (and I already knew and expected) is that we'll have to upgrade the passenger seating with a better touring seat and a back rest...

Along with some proper bags...

I've only got to decide... Corbin Dual Tour? ... or Yamaha Back rest and a Butty Buddy Seat?... Hmmm...

I'm leaning toward the Yamaha/Star back rest and the Butty Buddy Seat... would make converting back to a solo touring machine pretty sweet and easy!

... and for the saddle bags... I'm mostly decided I want to spring for another Corbin piece... Their Corbin Fleetliner bags... I've not seen anything better designed to create a Suh-Wheet! Bike! :o)

One other thing I have found... at my 5'7"... the bars are a mite far forward... I think I'll likely change out the handlebars for something with just a lil' more pullback... just an inch or two would make a big difference.

... Now... all I've got to do is wait for Spring to really open up Freedom Road... or... get my Two Wheelin' butt... SOUTH!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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