Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Done... a Red 2008 Star Raider is What I'll be Motorcycle Touring on, into the Future!

I just couldn't 'Do' the Stratoliner right now! :o) I've been wantin' this Star Raider for so long... I just couldn't pull back and go the other way just yet.

My Bad! :o)

Picked this ride up (my 'New' Best Touring Motorcycle!)  down in Brighton yesterday evening and brought her home in the dark...

and she's still settin' on the back of the truck due to a lil'... a bit unexpected issue... A Dodge flatbed is a mite too tall for the low clearance of a Star Cruiser.

The Bike high centers at the break over point... I'm gonna have to find a dock or some such to git her down off the truck!

... and then, set to conjurin' up a 'new' ramp to deal with the 'high center' issue... ( I need to haul her when we load the 5er and go to yondering) ... otherwise... It'll be her tires carryin' me Splittin' the Wind on Freedom Road! Hoo! Ya!

But all that is just 'stuff' to deal with...

'cause sittin' out there in the sun is the Finest Motorcycle this Ol' Cowboy has ever owned... and HE is one gigglin' happy son-of-a-biscuit! :)

Much to do with her... many plans... a new Corbin seat... and hopefully, Corbin Fleetliner bags... a few other touches...

Bottom line? It's Shinin' Times! For sure and for certain!

Not long ago Heidi and I were sinkin' fast... Times for us were as tough as they are for anybody  around... and all you hear these days are how "Hard Times are"...

I've decided that "hard times" often turn out to be a choice. "Times"... are what YOU make 'em... if you quit tryin'... you Decide to make 'em tougher. If on the other hand... you grab on and just LIVE... You make 'em Shining Times... no matter what the rest of the people are doin'.

I sometimes feel a lil' guilty how spine quivering happy I'm gettin' this year, considering what's goin' on around the country, and around the world... but you know what?... I can't waste any time worryin' 'bout that... The Boss gave us the power to put our own lives back together...

He helped me find a good replacement truck... and yesterday... I got nudged in the right direction to find a Righteous Star Motorcycle! Hoo! Ya!

... So... I just can't waste any time worryin' 'bout whether some folks are gonna get all butt hurt 'cause I have found the way to LIVE a joyous life in Shining Times!

Though... I'm hopin' it don't get any better... don't know that I can handle any Brighter Times! :o) 

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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