Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When It Comes to Motorcycle Safety, Do Loud Pipes and Bright Colors Save Lives?

I'm one who doesn't hold with that view of Motorcycle Safety... It's OK if You do... It's your ride, but I think it just don't work. I mean, these cagers out there try to run over Semis and claim; "I didn't see him!"

If they can't see 80,000 lbs of steel, on eighteen wheels, gettin' shoved down the road by the 500 thundering horsepower of a Caterpillar Diesel... they ain't gonna see your 800 lbs of bike and body on Two Wheels!... even if you got Vance & Hines pipes and battery powered chartreuse underwear!

Maybe I'm just a closet control freak, but I don't like doin' things that are all hung up and dependent on somebody else doin' their part. When it comes to keepin' my hide in one piece out on Freedom Road... I ride so I control whether I'm safe or not.

In just a few words; I ride like I'm invisible.

Just Monday morning, rollin' that new Yamaha Raider, runnin' up Hwy 1... bright sunny day, straight road... little traffic... and a fool in a Ford truck turns out from a stop sign, right in front of me...

IF I'd been depending on that bozo seeing the bright Red Paint of that Raider (he didn't)... or hearing it's not real noisy pipes (but rumbling just the same - & he didn't)... I'd be a hood ornament now... as it was... I was watchin' him... assumed he'd be an idiot... SAW his wheel startin' to roll... and adjusted for his stupidity... waited for the room... rolled on the power and left him behind.

That's one nice thing 'bout my new Raider... I loved that Ol' V Star... still do... but this Raider... Lordy... by the time You realize you twisted the throttle, You're already gone! :o)

That's how I keep the paint from gettin' dented... I assume those cagers are gonna be stupid... I assume they can't see me... I ride my Motorcycle Like I am Invisible...

That philosophy has a nice side benefit to boot... Riding a Motorcycle that-a-way, you get in the habit of really looking... it becomes second nature... So, when you're out on Freedom Road, in Far Country... you SEE so much more than you ever did... or ever will... lookin' through a windshield...

Shining Times! Yes Sir!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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