Sunday, August 15, 2010

Freedom on the Banks of the Clearwater River up on Idaho

Had to ride through too many miles of HOT! Yesterday... to escape that stuff! :o) I didn't remember Lewiston as being that warm... but children let me tell you... When you've got yourself accustomed to cold and wet... Hot and Dry... kinda shocks your system! :o)

That and when you've just come out of the Solitude of the Great Northern Wilderness... into the chaos of Seattle, Tacoma... and such... you do just one thing... Twist that throttle and Ride! :o)

I found some more solitude, camped on the Banks of the Clearwater River east of Lewiston a lil' ways. Sitting here at the table in a BLM campground... sippin' hot coffee, listening to Bob Seeger on my Ipod and tap tap tappin' on the keyboard...

 The country hereabouts... is some different than just a few miles west... on the same river...

Here, the pines are tall, the sound of the river, just below my camp is sweet... the breeze is cool... and life is fine!

This trip is winding down... and growing sweeter each day... the true value of FREEDOM is ever clearer... and the precious cost of it.

For those of you heading west...this year or next... Central Idaho is a fine ride! Just about any of the two lane between Couer d'Alene and Lewiston are twisty sweet rides through glorious country. Forest Svc. and BLM camps are plentiful... motels are to be had for those more wary of being converted to bear crap! :o) ... and I'll tell you what...

Sitting here at my BLM table... in the morning sunshine... Brothers and Sisters?... It DON'T get any better!

Today I'm planning on riding over Lolo Pass and working my way back toward West Yellowstone... that I passed through nigh on to three weeks and nearly 8,000 miles ago...

For anyone wondering... my Yamaha Raider has proven to be a Sweet Ride on this Long Tour... I've averaged between 45 and over 50 miles per gallon... How Awesome is that? for a 113 cubic inch Hot Rod of a Motorcycle?!!! :o)

There are few changes I want to make to bike and outfit... illuminated by this ride... (I'll talk 'bout that in future posts/pages on the site) but all in all... for me... This Naked Raider has proven to be THE Motorcycle Touring machine for me for the foreseeable future! HooYa!

Bottom line? I've achieved most of what I wished for this ride to do. It's cleared my head a lot and I've managed to sort out some priorities a bit... and That, is what I find straddling a two wheeled sweetheart for a few weeks will do for you! :o)

So kids?...

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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Donna McNicol said...

Haven't commented much but we've followed you every step of the way. So glad you've had the trip of your dreams and are headed home safely. Still looking forward to meeting up again, maybe when we ride Route 66 next year!! Hugs to you and Heidi!

Pleinguy said...

Good to see you are having a safe trip home after your Alaska journey. Perhaps you know, but thought I'd mention, that Ara & Spirit (fellow biker) were in Ennis MT yesterday near Butte. It appears you are on the same path with him a day or two ahead. Perhaps you could arrange a meet-up. Best of luck.
-- Pleinguy