Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Cowboy II Motorcycle Carrier is Now A Video Star!

I built my Motorcycle Carrier on my Jayco Fifth Wheel a couple of years ago. I've hauled the V Star on it something better than 10,000 miles... so, I guess, that should make it a fairly proven design.

It's still got a couple of things I'd like to improve on it, when I get the time... but hey... The truth is...

Now that I've got the modifications done to the hitch on the truck, added the Black Widow Motorcycle ramp and bolted on the New Wheel Dock Chock... I can Haul Two Big Bikes, the Raider and the V Star, along with a Standard Fifth Wheel RV!

Take a look at what you can build for yourself... with a lil' ambition...

... and the help of a good welder!

Both Bikes are loaded... just waiting on UPS and our accountant to finish up some things... and then we're hauling both bikes on out of here... for several months... or longer... RV Boondocking... and Motorcycle Touring... Freakin' Awesome! HooYa!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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