Saturday, September 18, 2010

Second Loading using the Black Widow Ramp

The misty rain finally cleared out this morning and I went back to work getting things put together so we can leave and start south...

Here's how easy it was to Load that big Cruiser on a Tall Flatbed (42" tall) using a 12', extra long Black Widow Motorcycle Ramp from Discount Ramps...

You may have noticed a lil' BANG! as the bike goes into the chock?... Uh... I missed the guide a lil' a bit wide to the right... and she rode up over it a touch... but... BANG! she went where she was supposed to be! :o)

It's darn near as easy coming off. Like I said, down at the bottom, 'cause the truck bed sits so tall, the angle that the ramp meets the ground is still a little too great for me to reach the ground... so I just walk down beside the bike, with it in first gear. Between the front brake and the clutch, I have complete control... No Worries!

I'll do up a video showing where I'll lash down the ramps, and... loading the V Star on the Tail Rack! Never done that one!

After I got the bike loaded this time, I hooked up the fiver on the New Hitch... I've got enough turning radius to work... though I can't go completely jack knife... unless I pull the left hand saddlebag off first! :o)

I Plan to place a lil' verticle slice of tape on the mirrors... to give me a reference point... just before the front end of the trailer would start to make contact... I can use the vertical line of the main body of the trailer as the Guide point...

That way... as I make turns, I can just look in the mirrors and know exactly how much room I've got to turn... without running into things...

I was pretty impressed with the Black Widow Ramps... very little flex... most of the movement I saw was in the truck suspension... the ramp just did what it was supposed to do... at least one thing worked correctly this week!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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1 comment:

the_Wanderer said...

Man, that looks really scary to me having dropped my previous bike twice loading into a trailer! Now I've got a trailer that the bed is the ramp, and I just ride in and jack the bed up.
Guess you got better eyes than me, Brian!