Sunday, January 16, 2011

Motorcycle Vlogging Equipment

It sure would help if I had some sort of an Idea what I was doing! :o) It's kind of like the words from the old song; "It's a Bad motorcycle with the Devil on the seat, ridin' 90 miles and hour down a dead end street!" ... or something real close to that.

I'd pretty much focused in on the go pro Hero camera for Motorcycle Videos... but, it lacks any ability to plug in an external microphone... so I figured that I'd be needing either/or a second camera in my helmet or a voice recorder of some sort... and then splicing the two together, after the fact... more hassle than I'm really wanting.. and my learning curve is already steep enough! :o)

so... I kept looking, and yesterday I ran across what just might be my answer. Don't know why I hadn't found it before... It's called Helmet Camera or Extreme Mount Helmet Camera. This unit has a remote microphone, as well as an extension available for that... so a guy can mount the camera unit anywhere... on the bike, helmet, looking forward, looking backward... and move it around several different mounting locations... while having a microphone mounted inside the helmet... exactly what I've been looking for...

It seems like a no-brainer to me... If you're marketing a camera for "action" type videos where the intention is to mount it to vehicles or your body in some way... and you put in the effort to add audio capapbility to the camera... why wouldn't you make provision to plug in an external microphone for on the spot Voice over... Duh!

One advantage for me is, that though the camera is better than a hundred bucks more for their system... it eliminates the need for a second camera... and... a fresh helmet that I could fit the second camera in... and/or the audio recorder... that would be needed with the Go Pro model...

So... my research into Motorcycle Vlogging equipment is starting to bear fruit... now... all I got to do is find the $400 bucks! :o) ... and maybe a review or two, from riders that have used this camera setup... before I plunk down those precious greenbacks...

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