Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's a Motorcycle Blogger to do... When the Words Fail Him?

For the past couple of weeks, I've stumbled around, chasing my tail, trying to find some inspiration to form the frame on which I could hang a fresh post. It's been a bit of a frustration... I'm not a guy who is generally at a loss for words. So it's an affliction I'm not familiar, or comfortable, dealing with.

Being the writer of two websites, three blogs and recently, one genuine western fiction novel :o), I feel a responsibility to produce something of value to compensate the readers who have yielded time from their lives... to read the scribblings of my meager publishing effort.

I started to notice that the affliction seemed to be contagious. Most of the Motorcycle blogs I read regularly, haven't been posted to for weeks... some of them, months...

I wondered... why?

If they were all from bikers up north, that could be an answer... Not much riding goin' on of Motorcycles up in the North Country... Not in December and January...

Back in Colorado... I rode all winter... one of the few. When it was 15 degrees, even 10! if the road was clear... I was on the bike... more than once, I was already out on the road when it started snowing... and road on home, encrusted in that white junk...

I commonly say; "Take away my motorcycle and you might just as well shoot me in the head... I'm not gonna be of any use."

But... most of the blogs I'm talking about are written by riders in Southern California, Arizona... and other places... where I can't truly believe, that weather... is any sort of an excuse... Winter stored bikes can't be the reason...

So what gives? Is there some great emotional depression goin' on that I'm unaware of?

Parked for much of the winter down on the Arizona Desert, I've been riding... I see lots of other bikes on the they're moving...

I'm sure you've heard some motorcycle riders say something to the affect of; "My bike doesn't have much shiny chrome... I spend my time riding... Not... Polishing." :o)

Maybe, the failure to produce blog postings is because they're riding... and not writing?

I can only hope.

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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