Sunday, January 8, 2012

Living to Ride in the Desert...

... for the winter anyhoo... and the views from my front yard aren't too bad. I think I can handle it... I just need to be a lil' quicker 'bout gettin' the scooter unloaded when we pull in.

*Not a bad view from our "yard"*

The nice thing about this place, that beats riding back in Colorado in January... is... You don't see no snow do you? ;) ... yeah, I don't mind, not even a lil' bit NOT riding at 11 degrees! I can do it. I did it all winter for a few years... but... that still don't make it any fun!

Though I gotta admit it... made me giggle when I'd see the looks on peoples faces through their windshields... when a bike passed 'em with the thermometers in their cars claiming 10!!! :)

I rolled the Raider off the truck yesterday and ran into Q for fuel. That's what folks call Quartizsite, for the un-initiated refugees from the frozen North. After a year and a half of loading and unloading the bike on that Black Widow, 12' ramp, it's still doin' the job in fine form...

*12' Black Widow Ramp in the Arizona Desert*

... that time in Escalante when I almost rode it off the other side loading... don't really count! ;) at least it wasn't the ramps fault... it got me on top of the truck! :)

Twas a nice ride into Q across the desert in the sun and WARM of a Desert January.

Sorry all you northern boys. I escaped that chilly stuff and don't mind gloating! ;)

So... today we rolled back in two up to do some prospecting of future rigs.

The old fiver we're draggin' and that Ol' Dodge doin' the draggin' are NOT in their prime, so we're collecting intel to figure out what sort of a rig we want to house us for the Next ten years or so.

I expect, 'bout the time I'm bangin' on 70 years, they'll be tryin' to get me to QUIT runnin' that Yamaha Raider down Plomosa Road to Bouse at, Oh... the needle said it could see 130 gettin' close! ;)

Yeah, I know... Bad Cowboy Biker! No Beer! But, hey... when you can see for a mile or three 'cross the desert... and all that's on the road is me, my Raider... and the paint stripes... the only thing I threaten is me and maybe some bugs... so... shame on me! :)

Did find some real interesting rigs to cogitate on... as well as some good Blue Moon Brew and some fine Scallops of some sort at the Grubstake Saloon in Quartzsite. Then it was split the windy afternoon and bring us on home...

*Our home might not amount to much... but with that Bike, I'll Keep it!*

Planning on making a ride up to Wickenburg and then another over to the river at Havasu. It's a good life. Just write and ride and soak in the sun... Shining Times!

I should have learned to "write" a lot sooner so I could be where I am now... just a Biker... Free on the Earth! HooYa!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to copy your lifestyle when I retire!