Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Goin' South

Late in September or early in October where ever we are... we load up face west ~ do a left face and start our migration south.

Sonja is ready to go. She carried me through much of our last Colorado winter but she still don't care for the snow and ice any more than I do. She prefers to keep her own tires on the asphalt, but, with the promise of goin' south and many miles in the Arizona Desert while the storms rage up here... she's willin' to accept the indignity of a motorcycle gettin' carried for the southbound journey.

*Sonja ready to go*

Seems like with Grandkids in Denver now, this is where we are makin' the habit of comin' through each fall. We'll haul off from here today or tomorrow. This year we're gonna roll straight down I-25 for a bit to Trinidad. The next sunrise, in the morning sun we'll climb over Raton Pass and then cut west across the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation and likely drop into Chaco Canyon for a couple of days.

Then it's on to Goosenecks camp for at least an overnight before moving onl. The goal is to rendevous with a friend in Zion, mid month.

Gotta be honest. That Arizona Desert might have cooled off from the blazing summer inferno of just a few weeks ago... buuuut... I'm willin' to let 'er cool down a few more before we drop down out of the high desert just a few hundred miles to the north.

We don't need to be in the Valley of the Sun until our NASCAR duties commence in Avondale on the 7th of November... so, no need to hurry.

Then it'll simply be the difficult task to live hard through the winter; enjoyin' the quiet desert living with no blizzards and soft desert sunsets.

It's a hard life for a pussgut Ol' Buster like me. Come the Spring, we'll swing our noses around and be rolling back north, followin' the Wild Geese.

You know, this life could be easier for sure. I could be blessed with a few more dollars and my worries would be nigh on to nuthin'! But, no matter what... whether I'm livin' "Fat Cow or Poor Bull" ... my gypsy drifting ways are Glorious Shining Times!

I don't believe I could tolerate any other way.

Grab You Handles and RIDE!


Trobairitz said...

Your fall colors are gorgeous. So pretty against the bright blue sky.

I am sure Sonja doesn't mind the ride south considering she gets off the truck when she gets there.

Brian said...

ha! I'm sure hopin' she gets down for a mile or three afore then! :)

Like maybe around Zion? ... we're kinda goin' south... Laterally :)

Anonymous said...

brian you have been blessed with more than money can buy.. when the cash is short you have just use you imagination more.. you will always make it through.. having money is nice but also takes away apart of you...the part that makes you get up and smile at the new day. and be thankful for what you have.

Brian said...

Anonymous; I know I mention bein' poor a lot... hopin' people don't get the idea that I'm whinin'... my purpose is more to try and get people, like me, who ain't got deep pockets to KNOW and realize that they can still get out there and LIVE!